Call for participation: Intercultural Days

32nd Intercultural Days in Dresden from September 18 to October 9, 2022

Dear members,

the Intercultural Days in Dresden are an established format in which people from a wide variety of cultures come together to celebrate diversity.
The Künstlerbund Dresden participated in 2021 with a solo exhibition “Das Warten auf Leben” by the artist Moussa Mbarek, who fled from Libya, and would like to participate in the Intercultural Days again this year with a program item at the office.

This year’s motto of the Intercultural Days is “Dresden. Gemeinsam. Gestalten.” and is divided into different focal points. On the topic of „Giving migration stories a voice“, the KBD would like to explicitly invite members with just these stories to participate in a joint exhibition from September 15 to October 11 at the office.

So if you want to tell your story on the topic of “migration” with a picture, video or even a performance, we ask you to register by June 12 so that we can plan all further details in time.

An integral part of the Intercultural Days is also the Intercultural Street Festival, which will take place on September 24, not far from the office on Jorge-Gomondai-Platz (at Albertplatz).
Following the street festival, we would like to offer the opportunity to get together at the office to exchange ideas about artistic creation in a wide variety of cultural contexts.

We are open to this and welcome suggestions on how we can organize this afternoon together!

Please contact us at: or 0351/8015516

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